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Hubcaps 1960-1968 all 4 styles are available, check below!

Above is a Picture of the 1960-1962 Pontiac 8 Lug Hub Cap. These are available Brand new for $240 a set or $70 each.

ABOVE: Hub Caps: 1963-1964 Hubcaps are not reproduced but we do stock Originals and sell them as singles and as sets. The 1963 are Polished and the 1964 have a brushed Finish. Both Are Featured above. $325 a Set or $90 a Piece.

ABOVE: 1965-1968 Hubcaps are available brand new at $250 a set or $70 a piece

Other Parts and Accessories

Original, Not Reproduced, Pontiac 8 Lug Hold Down Cover Plate for Trunk Spare wheel and tire. $145 Plus Shipping

Brand New Pontiac 8 Lug Drum Dust Caps. $5.00 Each Plus Shipping.

Brand New Spindle Washers. $3.00 Each Plus Shipping

1960-1961 RARE Re-inforced Tang Wheels. Powdercoated silver or your color by order $450 Each Plus Shipping

1961-1966 Standard Tang 8 Lug Wheels Powder-coated to your Specifications $250 Each Plus Shipping

1967-1968 Scalloped Tang Wheels Powder-coated to your Specifications $300 Each Plus Shipping

Now Available, Complete tapered roller bearing conversion kits for the 1960-1961 8 Lug Short Fin Drums! Get rid of those old ball bearing sets ! These were very difficult to source, and now available to you directly from our location . This Complete Set includes inner bearings, outer bearings, and seals for both front drums. No machining is needed. Convert your car quickly and easily to the later, better bearings. $245 Plus Shipping